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Help for Your Life


Parvana Soulutions is in the business of empowering and improving lives. We teach, train and coach people on how to REVEAL and RESOLVE core issues so they can attract and experience better life outcomes. It starts with you making the decision. Accelerate your healing and save valuable time, by getting help from a trusted source, where all the reading and research and trial and error has been done for you. Our ReCOREstruction Method provides a safe space to EXPLORE, to HEAL, to GROW, and to BECOME. From one-on-one coaching sessions to individual and group meditation classes; we have several options for you to choose from. 

Relationship ReCOREstruction™ Bootcamp 

Invite a partner or a group of people to take the 6-week Relationship ReCOREstruction Bootcamp and set your relationship goals on fire together! This 6-week course will transform and reveal a whole new way of thinking about relationships while setting you on a path of healing, reformation, and positive change. Even without partner participation, you can still minimize the conflict and create positive change within the relationship.

This is also great for anyone who struggles with trust issues, fear of commitment or has given up on relationships (but not really :), due to past relationship hurts, trauma or betrayal. You can experience better/healthier relationships and become more Confidence, Calm and Content. Guaranteed to be TRANSFORMATIVE and FULFILLING!

Personal  ReCOREstruction™ Coaching

Get the one-on-one personal attention for your overall wellness or for improvement in a specific area of your life. This experience will transform and reveal a whole new way of approaching your life, yielding more satisfying experiences. Set yourself on a path of healing, reformation and positive change. You will not be disappointed with this experience!

Minimum 3 Month Commitment 

Meditation Training
Mend, Master and Manifest Anything!

Enrich your life through learning about the basic components of meditation, the benefits of meditation, and how to develop your own personal meditation practice. For individuals , partners or groups.

 Life Improvement Guaranteed!


Conflict is a natural part of life experiences. Sometimes, help is needed to help clear the path to resolution and healing. Whether it's family, a partner, or work-related conflict. We offer a safe space to iron out and RESOLVE your disagreements. 

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