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Get your Soul-food!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The COVID wave has ignited change on so many levels. Professionally, I came from a background in public health which shoulders the mantra of 'prevention'. We've all heard it... "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". People are constantly seeking and hearing of different ways to protect themselves and their families from infection and how to best prevent the spread of this unseen phenomenon. Well, one thing is for sure; cleaning has taken on a whole new level. Every bacterial or viral killing product has now become a rare commodity. Who knew!! And when all else fails...just stay home! We're washing our hands more, sanitizing more, wearing masks, staying away from sick people, coughing and sneezing in the elbow, and keeping our hands away from your face . Did I miss anything? And there are still people who are doing EVERYTHING right and still succumbing to this thing. With all the media obsessions, political spectacles and medical uncertainty, it's understandable why people are afraid. How many times have you heard "its scary"? People are also changing their eating habits and upsurging their vitamins, nutrients and herbal intake to help build or sustain immunity. These actions are definitely beneficial, but we cannot forget the Soul Food! Now, I'm not referring to the kind of food that's been attributed to

black American culture, but the intrinsic diet that affects your mental and emotional state of being. This is equally, if not more important, than the rest. We need good soul-food because what we're feeding our soul is also what we're feeding our cells. In other words, the cells in our body are influenced also by our state of mind. The biggest thing we need to combat is the fear, worry and anxiety. Now is the time to do things that raise your soul's vibe. For me, its reading a good book, being still, listening to soulful music, nature gazing and grazing, finding inspirational quotes, among other things that involve connecting with others. What does it look like for you?

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