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Let Go of the Obsession!

Sometimes, we can find ourselves trying too hard to figure things out or find solutions. To be obsessed with something is to be so fixated on the thing, person, or situation to the point that it is taking up an ample amount of your mental energy and therefore affecting other areas of your life, probably in a negative way. Each day we are given newness and a plethora of energy, at our disposal, to use for the benefit of continuing to create more joyful and pleasurable life experiences. How we choose to use this energy is an individual choice, and choosing to flow obsessive energy can be counterproductive and can hold you up, leaving you feeling stuck. Whatever you are obsessing over, ask yourself: is this the only thing I have going on in my life right now? Probably not. Obsession is an energy zapper, and puts you in a temporary state of frenzy. You have got to find a way to cut that cord and give yourself a break before you break. Mentally let go. If you haven’t figured out a solution yet, trust me, it’s definitely not coming while you're obsessing about it. Let go. I promise , you’ll have the freedom to pick it back up if you choose. But for now, just let it go.

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