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A time to be born..

It has been said the pregnancy rate has increased due to COVID and people "staying home". (hey...gotta find stuff to do, right?). Well, when there's nothing to do and nowhere to go, you will either lose our mind, or get intimate with it. There may be physical babies being created, but what about other babies in the form of new ideas. When people are sort of forced to be still..if they can embrace and not fight it, a different kind of intimacy can definitely result in the conception....of new ideas, or old ideas being re-conceived. Intimacy meaning spending time with yourself and realizing, discovering or recovering. When the world was moving, it was difficult for a lot of people to take out some REAL time for themselves. Busy Busy is who we are. New things can be birth from times like these or any crisis for that matter. When we slow down and are put on halt, creativity can flourish. An idea that I had been nourishing and for a while, finally solidified during this crisis. I was put in a position to truly reflect on what I can do now, and what I wanted to do differently. How in the world can someone be inspired during a world crisis? Well, it is possible, if we can embrace what is going on, but at the same time look forward to "what is to come"! So what kind of idea-baby will you be birthing as a result of COVID?

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