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T.Lawson., Ca (48)

Before Parvana, no one could ever tell me that I wasn't in control of my life or my destiny. The fact is - I was very much in control. However, I felt that my life was stagnant, as if I was trapped in a cycle of mediocrity. Vashti helped me identify what was causing me to have that perspective, re-establish new goals and provided a pathway to achieve those goals. 


What I remember most is the communication, the clarity by which each session was conducted. The starkness of my truth was revealed  to me in a gentle gradual way, this allowed me to embrace it and change the portions I that caused my life to stall. 


Life gems are her speciality, during one of our sessions we explored "expectation". I had a difficult time realizing that people are not obligated to me like I treat them. Which opened up doors of understanding and was the key realization to my journey.  


Parvana is a personal journey, for those who are willing to find themselves. The experience was therapeutic, clinical and life changing for me. I now have the tools to better navigate life.

K Worsley (17)

Great experience learning how to meditate! You make it seem so simple and explained it where I knew it was doable. I grateful for what I learned and now having tools I can carry throughout life.

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